"Thank you for entering discreetly in my daily life. You have opened my mind helping me to look at people and things in a different manner. I asked many professionals for medical advice, but so far no one had achieved so much with such simplicity."


"I received the link to download the course and I'm really happy and satisfied. I was immediately captured by the completeness of the information it contained. I hope to have the opportunity to meet you as soon as possible. In the meantime, all my sincere wish for new and well-deserved success, fruit of the commitment, dedication, skills and - above all - the great qualities of humanity demonstrated by your Work and Mission."


"Thank you for the clarity, enthusiasm and practicality of the topics covered. I do hope the future will be bright for those who will decide to take responsibility for themselves."


"Thanks for the great work and for transmitting new knowledge that I have learned and will expand on during my unique and unrepeatable life! See you soon and good luck spreading the word in the world! "


"Almost in disbelief I testify: I have been suffering from depression since adolescence, at times in a latent form, others more overt, but it has never abandoned me. During a particularly "down" period, I did an individual session with Marco Fincati who applied his RQI method. After a few days I no longer felt depressed, even though it was spring, which is the worst time of year for this disease. I'm really surprised, grateful, and almost incredulous. No longer feeling this “dreadful beast” on my back seems almost impossible, but that's what happened. Thank you so much Marco! "


"Thank you and congratulations! I found it very interesting and effective! "


"I had an ankle pain for 20 years because of an accident. Three patches, three Tao- Patches were put on me and the pain is almost gone. I almost started crying because it was the first time ever, not even with all the physiotherapy and osteopathy I had done, ... Marco helped me in a fantastic way."


"I've just finished watching the third video. I find what you said on what divides us from knowledge, God, and from our health fascinating. It's very interesting, depending on the individual, that there is a suitable healing method for everyone, dictated by the unconscious. You know that for 10 years I've been practicing Nichiren Buddhism, based on the repetition of a mantra (Nam Myoho Renge Kyo). I wasn't able to solve my problems, and did not understand why it worked so well on others and not on me. And I was told that it must have worked on me !? 'If it works on us, then It will on you too! to all of this ..As you say: EVERYONE has HIS OWN REMEDY. I had a problem with my voice for 20 years, believe me I tried everything and I still haven't resolved it. I'm constantly sad, and other things that I won't go into detail here. I hope, with your help, to have reached the end of the line. Thank you." Maybe now there is an explanation


"Good evening Marco, I watched the videos and found them very interesting, you have a very simple way of conveying information about the human body and chemistry. My sincere congratulations. things and I've read many books on energy balancing and how to achieve it. I have attended various courses and I have tried different balancing methods such as acupuncture, pranotherapy, reiki, shiatsu etc... There are many useful methods to combat stress and learn to manage emotions, but they require regular commitment and mental concentration that are not always possible with our current lifestyle. Thank you for your work. "


"Very interesting, I learned a lot and I thank you for explaining in a simple way yet still managing to touch our hearts. We just need to put it into practice ..."


"Thank you Marco. You're great! I'm happy to have met you and when you decide to do an RQI course in Rimini let me know. A hug of light from Odilla. P.S. Keep on being '"crazy"! That's good, you're a hope for many. "


"HOORAY!! Thank youuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!I'm really happy! The experience in Ibiza has pretty much changed my life! Somehow I still feel close to all my roommates in the house of Zorro and this helps me during the darkest hours of my working days.I feel that this 'method' can revolutionize the lives of many people. The 8 minute exercise that cancels all sources of stress, is a must in order to face the day, and I CANNOT WAIT to revise and review all my notes. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Don't give up and let's face ALL, and I say ALL, the 'problems that can become GREAT OPPORTUNITIES', HUGS!! See you soon."



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