Individual consulting

It is possible to ask for live individual consulting with RQI Facilitators, by appointment, at Q Institute in San Marino or via Skype, to get a support on the application of the RQI method on yourselves or on your loved ones.

There are two possibilities:

» 1. RQI Check-up with a Certified RQI Facilitator
The RQI check-up is available for everybody and it includes a specific procedure divided into two parts:
- Identification of the problems (imbalance of 5 elements, physical, energetic, emotional, relational and economic problems)
- Identification of the solutions (allowing everyone to find the best solutions to the identified problems and the ones to be applied with “priority")
Furthermore, it will be shown to everyone how to learn or apply Priority Solutions for the identified problems. This is to respect the RQI® method philosophy that is, first of all, to teach the Self-Healing in order to stop being dependent on others for the well-being and always test the Priority solutions before choosing the one to be applied.

» 2. Advanced Consulting for the application of RQI Solutions with Certified RQI Facilitator
You can ask for an Advanced Consulting for yourselves or for your loved ones (by appointment at the Q Institute headquarters in San Marino) after having viewed the RQI Method Multimedia Course, or have already done a check-up with a RQI Facilitator. This is to respect the philosophy of the RQI® method that is, first of all, to teach the Self-Healing and to be sure that the applied solution is the right and most effective one.

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