Marco Fincati's book: "RQI, The Secret of Self-Well-Being"

Release Date: April 2014 - Formato: Format: 252 Pages - 13.5 x 21 cm - Publisher: Qinstitute

New English edition release in May 2015

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Tens of thousands of fans in Italy, thousands of "self-healings" and testimonies
This book is an essential step to understanding what you can do with your life
The set of procedures and knowledge gathered in the RQI Method® is the most well hidden secret that has ever been revealed. Now everyone has the opportunity to discover and apply this great innovation to their lives. It's up to each one of us to choose freely. This book explains the scientific bases on which Dr. Fincati's knowledge and techniques are built. Marco Fincati is the creator of the RQI Method®. Thanks to his revolutionary insights, Dr. Fincati has been able to create a path that leads the individual to a full awareness of his/her being, offering the tools to search one's inner self and regain well-being. The book covers, in a simple and direct language, the findings of New Biology,quantum physics theories and the principles of Informational Medicine.The reader is guided through the discovery of the essence of the RQI Method®: from the functioning of our mind to communication with our unconscious, from the understanding of the three "levels" we are made of (Matter, Energy, Spirit) to identifying the best solutions for all aspects of our life: Health, Self-Esteem, Relationships, Economic Well-being.

About the Book

This book is an essential step in understanding what we can do with our lives. The techniques taught by Marco can literally "turbo-boost" inner and personal growth, restore physical health, and help us find our purpose on this planet. It works for anyone who applies it, in any sphere of human life. Therfore not only Health and Physical Well-being, but also Self-Esteem, Relationships, Work and Economic Well- being. I’ve verified it first-hand. There are no limits to the results that may be obtained with the correct application of these techniques. And above all, they are simple and affordable to everyone. Discovering how our unconscious mind really works, and how to communicate with it, we get back in touch with our inner realm. We tap into the Energy that pervades every part of us and the people and the whole Universe around us. Once we learn to make full use of this Energy, there are no limits to what we can accomplish.
Enrico Caldari


- Foreword by Enrico Caldari
- Introduction: How was the RQI Method® born?
1. The true causes that prevent us from feeling good
2. How does our mind work?
3. The RQI Method®
4. The 3 solutions and the 5 elements
5. Solution 1 RQI Matter:Informational Water and Vibrational Nutrition
6. Solution 2 RQI Energy: Holistic Biotechnologies
7. Solution 3 RQI Spirit: Unconscious and Awareness
8. The RQI® Path
Appendix – Further testimonies
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Read the Foreword by Enrico Caldari

When Marco asked me to participate as a co-advisor in a course that would take place in Rimini, in December 2012, I accepted for one reason only.
His knowledge wasn't rationally convincing, his way of exposing it was far from my style, and he and the people who worked with him at the time, were the most eccentric, curious and disorganized you could imagine of.
Nevertheless, his techniques work.
I've tried them personally.
I took a session led by Marco, with no knowlege of the RQI Method® on my part. By applying simple procedures and techniques that I had never seen before, inner blocks that I carried around for years had vanished into thin air. Serenity, contentment and lightness, which I had long forgotten, appeared to have found a simple way to get back into my daily life.
I realized that Marco's techniques could literally "turbo-boost" my personal growth and my realization on this planet, and do the same for anyone who applied it to any area of human life.
Not only Physical Health and Well-being, but also Self-esteem, Relationships, Work and Economic Well-being.
There are no limits to the results that may be obtained by applying the techniques correctly.

And above all, they are simple and affordable to everyone.

Read the Introduction: How was the RQI Method® born? (Marco Fincati)

It was thanks to two hernias, which in 1999 made ​​my life a little less comfortable and my back a bit more painful, if I  got interested in energy and informational medicine, from which the RQI Method® is derived.
At the time I was working in a factory as a skilled worker, but because the job involved a lot of physical effort, they were forced to fire me.
Undecided on which new job I should do, I enrolled at university, paying my studies by working occasionally as a pizza chef, a waiter and a porter. Then I began working as a sales representative - initially part-time, and then, after graduating, full-time - for an important company of herbal products.
At the same time, just for the love of it, I enjoyed furthering my knowledge in the field of health as an independent researcher.
Every day I saw how certain products - with proved scientific validity - had very different results depending on the people who used them. Some products worked, others didn't. I felt an urge to understand why this happens.

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Congratulations on the book. It 's very well-written and easy to read. You've made ​​things simple even when they're not. I recommend it to everyone, because this is what we have to become aware and responsible of now, this is already the future!

I think it's a really useful book! It gives the keys to understanding many fundamental aspects of existence and gave me a clear and easily understandable explanation of concepts (and facts) investigated by science but not yet released to the general public. It was a confirmation of many small insights that I had already had, and I sincerely thank this enlightened and enlightening author . Thanks to Marco Fincati, great job! :) Letizia

Finally a book that brings together, in a simple and accessible way, techniques that can make us independent in the fields of health and well-being, without years of study and work. I recommend it to everyone!

In explaining the RQI method, the book covers a number of holistic disciplines (traditional Chinese medicine, informational/vibrational medicine and energy psychologies) illustrating their scientific bases (quantum physics, epigenetics ...), with clear language, even if you're a neophyte. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to have an overview, and discover a new approach to well-being.

It's the condensation and explanation of all the books I've read by Braden, Marchi, Lipton, Brizzi ... Congratulations and Thanks

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