Dr. Marco Fincati is the creator of the RQI Method ®. After graduating in Statistics at Padua University, he worked for years as a sales representative for a major supplier of herbal products, and spent another 3 years as an independent researcher of disciplines, techniques and products for well-being and self-healing.

Having seen firsthand how products and techniques had very different results depending on the people they were applied to, in 2007 he decided to commit himself to understanding the real reasons for why this occurs. Suffering from a disabling health condition he couldn't resolve, he decided to experiment his discoveries on himself, leading him to successfully recover from his ailment.

Drawn in particular towards 'holistic' disciplines, that have a very different approach compared to Western medicine, Dr. Fincati studied Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yoga, Meditation, Acupuncture, Reiki, Shiatsu and then Quantum Physics, Vibrational Medicine, Applied Kinesiology, Holistic Biotechnology, Epigenetics and Energy Psychologies, approaching the work of scholars and those people who first spread these ideas such as Bruce Lipton, Vittorio Marchi, Masaru Emoto, Gregg Braden, Eckhart Tolle, Salvatore Brizzi, Frank Kinslow and many others.It was a long and exciting 'journey', but also expensive, with tens of thousands of Euros invested in training and years of full-time commitment.

The extensive hands-on experience and the great value gained by the study of these disciplines led Dr. Fincati to devise the RQI Method ® (Integrated Quantic Rebalancing), which combines Ancient Philosophies and Knowledge with the findings of New Contemporary Science.

Thanks to the method thus devised, after overcoming his health problems, Dr. Fincati was able to help hundreds of people to identify the real causes of their problems and the best solutions to solve them. Realizing the endless possibilities of applying the method, he decided to devote himself - body and soul - to its promotion and promulgation.

"The RQI Method ® is practical, simple and accessible to all. It teaches us to communicate with the unconscious (which is responsible for 95% of our actions), thus helping us to identify the real causes of imbalances in our lives and to discover the best solutions for ourselves and for others. This is because each one of us is a unique being, and cannot be cured using standard 'one size fits all' protocols." Dr. Marco Fincati

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